Vehicle Servicing

Vehicle Servicing

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Periodic vehicle servicing is an essential way to keep your vehicle run smoothly and safely. With the vehicle service by West Lakes Auto Services, we ensure to keep your vehicle in excellent condition and escalate its resale value.

We at West Lakes Auto Services replace your ordinary engine oil with good quality engine oil, along with installing a high-end oil filter that comes with an anti-drain back valve. Apart from replacing your engine oil, you can also perform a check of your belts, tires, level of fluids, brakes and other small inspection for an exceptional ride.

Apart from regular vehicle servicing, we provide a comprehensive repair and maintenance services in the form of battery replacement, transmission repair, brake repairs, electrical system diagnostics and all other technical related issues.

All our technicians are certified and adequately trained to take care of your vehicle issues with ease. Therefore, you can sit back and relax while your vehicle gets served through us. Our trained technicians have immense potential to execute a comprehensive evaluation of your vehicle’s condition and rectify all the potential issues before they lead to any significant problem for you.