About us

Since 1983, West Lakes Auto Services has been recognised as a prominent name for Automotive Service and Repairs. Apart from West Lake Community, we also offer our service to rest suburbs of Adelaide such as Royal Park, Grange, Hendon, Seaton, Port Adelaide, Alberton, Queenstown, Woodville and Semaphore.

Due to unfair pricing and unavailability of reliable mechanics, customers are facing a tough deal repairing their vehicles nowadays. On the other hand, with an aim to make your experience at West Lake Auto Services affordable, transparent and convenient, we work relentlessly to bring new innovations to our service that will exceed your expectation.

We build a better experience for car owners :

No need to waste your valuable time at a repair shop. We are open from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 6 pm.

We believe in complete transparency, as it is the foundation of trust between our business and our clients. All our technicians are 100% trained and certified under RAA. All our technicians are trusted and competent enough to resolve the kind of issues your vehicle may face.

We state the charges beforehand to clear any air of confusion between you and us. You will never experience unwanted surcharges apart from normal charges for the service requested, rest assured about the same at West Lakes Auto Services.

Call us at (+61)8341 2838 or 8447 1707 to your book an appointment today!