Pre-Purchase Inspections

Pre-Purchase Inspections

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Our vehicle pre-purchase inspection services at Westlake auto services deals with a thorough inspection of the new or used car before you buy them. Imagine buying a used car thinking it as the best deal, but soon you are way over your head with repair and maintenance bills. To avoid such a disaster, it’s better to get your car pre-verified from our certified technicians who will review the systems and components of the vehicle. Our technicians will figure out the pros and cons of the car and put you in a good bargaining position.

Our pre-verification covers:

Reviewing the maintenance record of the car in details regarding its maintenance and repairs
Checking the condition of belts, hose and the brakes.

checking the replacement history of the timing belt and inform you whether you need to replace the timing belts or not.

Checking if there is any current crisis or fluid leaks and if a repair is expected or not.

With the keep inspection capability of our trained technician, we inform you of the proper value of the car. We inspect all the damage of the vehicle either through rust or an accident. Some minor accidents may not be noticeable from the naked eye, but we will check all the numerous parts of the car, which buyers often tends to evade.
We inspect the brake’s condition (brake pads, rotor etc.), frame, axles, struts and shocks as well.

Checking the tire life, we inform you about the condition of the vehicle’s suspension system and the alignment

Check the engine code for any issues regarding emission control, transmission etc.