Suspension Repair

Suspension Repair

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Westlake Auto Services is your one-stop solution to all your vehicle related technical issues. Our Suspension repair and maintenance services and repairs ensure a significant improvement in your vehicle’s suspension by eradication all the associated problems.

Regular maintenance and repair of your vehicle’s suspension are crucial when it comes to your safety. The vehicle’s suspension system keeps the car on the road and assists you to maneuver with precision. Keeping all the vibrations, bumps and noise during driving to a minimum, it also absorbs shocks and struts. There is nothing dangerous than driving a car with a worn or broken suspension.

We at Westlake Auto Services also offers protective casing for ball joints which is also a crucial element of suspension. As a human hip joint, these ball joints control the control arms with the steering knuckles. Our high-quality protective casings keep the dirt and moisture out of the joint assembly, helping the ball joint last longer and operate smoother.

While a regular checking of suspension is mandatory, it’s also vital that you pay attention to specific changes in your driving experience which might be a sign of a suspension issue. Fluid leaking from shock/strut, stiff/loose/ noisy steering, damaged bodies of shock/strut, damaged mounts/bushings, and uneven tire wear is a sign that components of your suspension are in trouble.

Apart from that, you must also get your suspension checked when your vehicle sways or leans during turns, bounce when you cross a bump or jolts when you hit a bump /pothole.

Westlake Auto Services handle all kind of auto repair and maintenance of your vehicle at a quite reasonable cost.