Brake Repair

Brake Repair

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West Lakes Auto Services is the most trusted car repair and maintenance service provider in Australia. Issues with brake system are one of the most common problems faced by any car holder. We at West Lakes Auto Services ensure a healthy brake system of your beloved car by offering proper maintenance and repair it needs.

You can manually get your car brakes checked by us. By default, we also inspect them during a regular oil change and maintenance. With a thorough inspection of brake pads, callipers, brake fluids and rotors of your car, we make your brake system new as before.

Brake pads are expected to be replaced periodically as they wear out with time and miles you drove. The moment you hear any unexpected noise, vibration or shudders from your brake pad, make sure you get them checked from an auto technician. Besides, if you have a feeling that you have to apply more pressure on your brake pedal than you are used to, it’s time for a check-up.

Remember, brake pads get thinner with time, and it may even cause damage to other components of the brake system, especially the rotors. We always advise our customers to replace their brake pads as soon as possible or they may have to shed a few more dollars for a new rotor soon. Apart from monitoring the condition of brake fluid, we at West Lakes Auto Services check the overall efficacy of your car.

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