4 Wheel Drive and Diesel Service

4 Wheel Drive and Diesel Service

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Looking for 4 Wheel drive and Diesel services? You may find the service providers at your next-door local garages but it is less likely that they will have the original parts required to undergo a fully operational 4while drive and diesel service. In this regard, go for West Lakes Auto Services, one of the highly sought-after prime auto maintenance service facilities having experienced specialists of diesel engines. Our specialists are qualified enough to run diagnosis and repair conventional diesel injection pumps and their related parts with ease.

Our USP is our expert team who have expertise to repair any minute and large sized part such as:

  • In-line pumps (A, P8500 M, MW, 4W, VE style pumps)
  • Governors (RS, RSV, RQ, RQV, RE)
  • Traditional Injectors (Non-Unit Injector and Common Rail)

To satisfy the client demand of perfect service to their vehicles, we have formatted all of our work to an upgrade level. For instance, diagnosis and repairs are carried out by mechanics using state-of-the-art diagnostic and test equipment. They also work with all the branded high-quality spare parts.

Our service includes the followings:

  1. To test and conduct warranty analysis of Common Rail Injectors
  2. Conduct appropriate diagnosis, repair and adjustment of in-line pumps
  3. Make sure the repair of nozzle holders and nozzle holder assemblies are done precisely
  4. Check the Pump Injection
  5. Use Injectors for better running of pumps, if the fitted ones are destroyed
  6. Our experienced personals do pumps and injectors in our high-end facility (orb garage)

With expert manpower in hand, we are all set to become one of the busiest centers of auto repair and maintenance in the city.