Check Engine Light

Check Engine Light

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Most people get confused between “check engines Light” and “maintenance required light”. While the maintenance required light is an indicator for an oil change, the other tells you about your vehicle’s system computer. Fixing a “Check Engine Light” can be tricky as sometimes it’s as easy as tightening a loose gas cap and sometimes it can be more complicated. Therefore, getting your vehicle computer codes checked by a technician is a smart way to make sure that you don’t do any further damage to your engine and other essential components.

Our technicians at West Lakes Auto Services can ensure you about a proper diagnosis of your “check engine light” and can find the reason why your engine light is activated. Besides, our technicians perform an in-depth analysis of your diagnostic codes and take care of all the repairs and replacements to resolve the issue from the bud. With the combination of ultramodern diagnostic equipment and experienced technicians, we assure you of a sophisticated analysis and an excellent service.

Comprehending the code is not that easy for any regular technician. It is economically beneficial to replace a fuse through proper procedure rather than replacing it without a diagnosis.

Whether it’s a short drive or extended one, regular maintenance of your car is the best way to avoid such uncomfortable surprises. If you are looking for a qualified technician, then you can always rely on West Lake Auto Services.