Transmission Servicing

Transmission Servicing

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West Lake Auto Services offers flawless transmission repair servicing and maintenance to increase the vitality of your vehicles to much extent. Transmission failure often happens due to lack of service and proper identification of transmission issues beforehand.

The transmission helps in transferring the engine power to the drive wheels thereby allowing the driver to shift gears with ease. Transmission failure puts the driver and the passengers at risk as it becomes difficult for the driver to handle the movement and speed of the car efficiently.

What causes transmission failure?

It usually happens after 30,000 miles of driving when the transmission fluid turns brown. The brown colour appears when the transmission fluid began to oxidase due to time and heat. You may even feel the slowing down and chattering sound in the clutch plates and valves, as they stick and slip. The transmission affects the moving parts and leads the transmission fluids to lose its lubricating abilities. Hence, transmission failure occurs.

It’s not advisable to drive during a transmission failure. Even if you do under extreme condition, make sure you give your car enough rest in between. Under transmission failure, the torque converter of the transmission gets heated quite easily, aggravating fluid breakdown and leads to transmission damage.

Our expert technicians at West Lake Auto Services run an in-depth diagnosis of the issue and turn your vehicle new as it was before. We also provide transmission fluid replacement services along with all other vehicle and transmission repair services at a competitive market price.

Changing your transmission fluid on a regular basis is the key to maintain a healthy transmission system.